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Clean the skin, providing a comfortable and hygienic feeling
  • Brand:AK
  • Origin:China
  • Function:Moisturizing, moisturizing, cleaning
  • Specification:OEM
  • Shelf life:3 years

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Toilet paper soap is a foam product that can turn ordinary toilet paper into wet wipes. It can be used to clean the skin, providing a comfortable and hygienic feeling. Toilet paper soap has different fragrances and ingredients, such as aloe vera and vitamin E, which can moisturize and protect the skin. Toilet paper soap is easy to use. Just spray foam on toilet paper and gently wipe the parts to be cleaned. Toilet paper soap is washable and will not clog the sewer or damage the environment. Toilet paper soap is also very convenient to carry and can be placed in pockets, wallets, or travel bags.

Toilet paper soap rolls with different colors

Unfolding status of toilet paper soap rolls with different colors

Side view display of toilet paper soap roll

Transparent ultra-thin toilet paper soap roll unfolded state