Joining Yuxin Daily Chemical
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Joining Yuxin Daily Chemical

If you are looking to purchase paper soap products from our factory, welcome to join us. We have been exploring the international market and looking for overseas paper soap product agents. Collaborative consultation: Meanwhile, my WhatsApp ID is: 8613910171392

Product Background

With the development and progress of society, consumers' demands for goods are becoming increasingly diverse, especially for daily consumer goods, the breadth and depth of their demands for products are constantly increasing. A good product should have significant effects, powerful functions, rich efficiency, low price, and excellent quality. It is not so much about the increasing demands of consumers, but rather about the advancement of technology and the desire for high-quality life that has elevated the standard of product application.

The birth of AK paper soap is precisely based on adapting and guiding consumer needs. The shortcomings of traditional soap, such as single efficacy, inconvenient use, and repeated use by multiple people, are becoming increasingly evident, highlighting the necessity and importance of soap innovation. The emergence of paper soap, although not a "great innovation", is at least an improvement and upgrading of traditional soap, hand sanitizer, and so on. Paper soap avoids and improves the unfavorable characteristics of traditional soap, making it more responsive to consumer needs.

Since its inception, paper soap has undergone multiple product updates, achieving a magnificent transformation from "imported" to "localized", closer to the Chinese end market and more suitable for the needs of the domestic market. AK paper soap was born in 2003. With the localization transformation of paper soap, it has achieved various upgrades and innovations, making it necessary for innovation in terms of health and environmental protection, post use efficacy, and usage methods. While emphasizing quality and energy efficiency, it also makes AK paper soap more ornamental.

AK Paper Soap is an early domestic daily chemical enterprise that produces paper soap products. It integrates advanced foreign technology and operates locally, leading other similar products in China. In terms of product attributes and added value, AK Paper Soap has a competitive advantage over foreign brands in terms of cost-effectiveness. AK paper soap has long been exported to countries and regions such as Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, and has received widespread praise from consumers.

Product Features

AK paper soap has unique characteristics compared to traditional skincare products and other similar products in the industry.

AK paper soap, with natural and healthy ingredients, is made by using high-tech means to extract plant active essence, skin cleansing factor and fragrance factor. Strictly control the quality of the production process and ensure the safety and health of the product by washing away bacteria and other methods. Super water melting property, which can melt when meeting water during use. The foam is rich in fragrance and elegant. After use, the skin has no residue and the hand has a lingering fragrance. On the basis of strengthening the cleansing effect, AK paper soap pays more attention to the efficacy of skincare and skincare.

As is well known, when using soap or hand sanitizer to clean the skin, the protective oil on the surface of the skin is removed. Prolonged use can make the skin rough and dry, and increase the risk of skin diseases. Yuxin Paper Soap, specially added with plant active ingredients, promotes the regeneration and metabolism of skin cells, enhances cell vitality, maintains the balance of nutrients in the skin, and achieves the effectiveness of skin care and nourishment. Exquisite in the heart, exquisite in the form. AK paper soap uses special techniques to create various shapes, such as flower and animal shapes, in order to enhance the sensory appeal of the product. It is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, while adding a delightful touch to daily life.

Target market background

Paper soap is an emerging product, and the paper soap industry is still in the development stage of an emerging industry. Due to the many advantages of paper soap products, consumers generally recognize that paper soap has a high end market recognition. In recent years, people have attached increasing importance to health, especially the occurrence and spread of several major epidemics, which have deepened people's understanding of protecting health. How to maintain health has become a widely discussed topic. The emergence of paper soap seems to precisely cater to consumers' comprehensive demands for skincare products and meet their desires for skincare products. Due to the limitations of industry development, paper soap is still in an awkward situation, with high recognition but severe lack of visibility. Not only do paper soap products, enterprises producing paper soap, and even the paper soap industry face "unknown" bottlenecks in a considerable number of regions in China. In the current market environment, high recognition proves that the paper soap industry is forward-looking and trendy; Paper soap products have potential for development. The weak marketing and publicity efforts of enterprises have been an important factor that has led to the slow development of paper soap from its inception until now. How to expand the visibility and influence of enterprises and products, and use effective "advertising" communication methods to make a large number of consumers aware of paper soap, is an important part of the healthy development, market expansion, and enterprise development of the paper soap industry, and is also the first to be addressed.

Project Content

This project is a joint venture of Yuxin Daily Chemical Company to expand the market for AK paper soap products. The main method of attracting investment and joining is through online investment promotion platforms, which disseminate relevant information. By forming a community of interests with local franchisees through alliances, we aim to convey the operation and marketing models of paper soap to each franchisee. By utilizing the significant characteristics of paper soap compared to traditional soap and hand sanitizers, we aim to transform the usage habits of end consumers and convey healthier, more relaxed, and simpler skin cleaning and care methods to consumers, thereby improving their quality of life and maintaining their health.

AK paper soap is a professional skincare product produced by Yuxin Daily Chemical Company. Its significant characteristics compared to traditional skincare products are: firstly, easy to carry, secondly, soluble in water, and thirdly, integrating skincare and skincare. Since the emergence of paper soap in 2003, its development has been relatively slow and its market recognition has been low. Various manufacturers and distribution companies have insufficient promotion efforts and marketing methods for paper soap, resulting in a relatively large proportion of the domestic paper soap market that has been blank for six years. The launch of Yuxin's investment and franchise activity aims to expand brand influence, establish the market image of AK paper soap, stimulate consumer awareness and recognition of paper soap, change the current problem of low sales volume of paper soap, and promote the healthy development of the paper soap industry.

Project significance

AK Paper Soap adopts the form of franchise chain, integrating advantageous resources from various regions, and relying on franchisees who have a better understanding of a certain market to develop and expand AK Paper Soap's market space in the local area, making up for Yuxin's shortcomings in expanding the paper soap market. Reasonably utilize the resources of franchisees for optimization and integration, improve comprehensive competitiveness, break free from the situation where each paper soap production enterprise has equal strength, increase the investment in the end market, and achieve the goal of increasing sales volume, quickly recovering funds, seizing the market, establishing brand image, and making greater contributions to the development of paper soap in China, promoting better product quality, and improving consumer quality of life.