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Manufacturers produce innovative new paper soap train timetable OEM cleaning products soap pieces cu

  • Brand: Jinglv
  • Origin: Zhoukou, Henan, China
  • Efficacy: moisturize, moisten and clean
  • Specification: consulting customer service
  • Shelf life: three years
Wholesale price: on demand quotation

Sales price: please set your own price

Zhoukou Yuxin Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. can provide OEM, agent processing, wholesale paper soap services


This is a small, easy to carry, water-soluble paper soap products, each box contains 15 pieces. It is a necessary health product for a tour, and it is fashionable and fragrant. After washing hands, it leaves a comfortable fragrance.

This kind of soap is very popular among fashion white-collar workers. When you need to wash your hands, you can take out a piece of it, which has the purpose of bacteriostasis, sterilization and clean hands.

We are a manufacturer of paper soap. If you need to purchase or customize label paper soap products, we can provide you with customized quotation and wholesale quotation of paper soap.



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