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Factory processing bath petal soap color paper soap neutral formula home hotel stereo soap

Paper Soap Source Factory Price Discount Product Quality Assurance
  • Brand:Jinglv
  • Brand:China
  • effect:Sterilization, cleaning, and moisturizing
  • specification:as your require
  • sell by date:3 years
wholesale price:negotiation

sales price:self pricing

Zhoukou Yuxin Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. can provide OEM, agent processing, wholesale paper soap services


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This product contains plant essential oil. When washing hands and face, take a little of it and rub it until it becomes rich in foam. When bathing, take some of it and put it in the bathtub to enjoy the fun of bathing. Then wash it with clean water. After use, it will give off a pleasant fragrance. This product is convenient to carry

[Storage method] Store in airtight condition at normal temperature. Do not expose to the sun, high temperature, and pay attention to moisture.


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