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Factory processing bouquet carnation soap flower mother's Day gifts customized wholesale

  • Brand:AK and Jinglv
  • Brand:China
  • effect:Sterilization, cleaning, and moisturizing
  • specification:as your demand
  • sell by date:3 years
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sales price:self pricing

Zhoukou Yuxin Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. can provide OEM, agent processing, wholesale paper soap services


If you are looking to purchase paper soap products from our factory, welcome to join us. We have been exploring the international market and looking for overseas paper soap product agents. Collaborative consultation: Meanwhile, my WhatsApp ID is: 8613910171392

Hello, Yuxin Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is a paper soap manufacturer with 18 years of production experience. With the improvement of people's pursuit of lifestyle taste, we have creatively designed paper soap products into paper soap petals, bouquets, and other forms to meet the needs of different people.

This paper soap petal is in the shape of a carnation petal. If you have any needs or personalized customization, please contact our foreign trade business manager: We will reply to you within 24 hours.